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General Paediatric Clinics

At Aiconic health we understand how stressed being parents are, especially a first time parent. With our expert teams we offer a range of general paediatric services designed to help you understand your child’s problem and treatments to help them get better soon. Our hugely experienced Paediatricians are skilled to provide a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for your children at the clinic.

Paediatric General Clinic | Aiconic Health

Our General Paediatric Clinic Services


Cough, Cold Fever

The most common presenting symptoms in children are cough cold and fever. This can be diagnosed and treated by your family paediatrician in your local clinic.


Vomiting and Diarrhea

Vomiting and Diarrhea worries most parents when you see you child limp and not eating or drinking. Our experienced Paediatricians can guide you to manage these at home and guide you what danger signs you need to look for.



Another common presentation in children with varied causes. Treatment includes diet management and medications to get back to normal painless poo time.


Crying baby

When you are a parent for the first time, it is very very hard to know when you should worry. Help is at hand and we will help you keep your sanity and look after your precious kids.

What to expect of our General Paediatric Clinics


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